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Our Story

Like all great ideas, Si Tú Quieres was born over delicious food and great company. While catching up over homemade corn bread and fried green tomatoes, Librada Estrada and Ana Polanco both realized they wanted to create a space for Latinas to affirm their ability to grab the next brass ring in their personal and professional lives.

Each on their own path to change, Ana and Librada discovered that they each had the tools to activate their vision for success, from getting a promotion, starting a new career, healing personal relationships, starting a business and rekindling love in their lives.

Si Tú Quieres is a space for everyday Latinas to set in motion their own vision for leadership, change and success. Together we’ll explore how to sprint, jog, walk and stand through the everyday hurdles life puts in our path. Si Tú Quieres is the opportunity to grow the personal courage and tenacity to create a door to your own personal and professional success, to share your own experiences and to learn and be inspired by other Latinas around you who are working towards that change.

Sometimes we may find ourselves waiting for someone to make a choice for us, to change the course of our lives. But if we look more deeply, we can find we already have within us the courage to change direction and build a door to the next phase of our lives.  Si Tú Quieres offers a space and the tools for everyday Latinas to reconnect with their own power and purpose, to be fully present in their own lives as leaders, sisters, mothers, partners and friends, and to witness each others unfolding.


Our philosophy is simple and accessible to anyone who is ready to embrace change in their lives:

  • I shape my own future. I create the life that I want.
  • I live in choice. I make decisions for myself and let go of the stories, limiting beliefs, and naysayers that I have bought into.
  • I embrace the gifts I already have. I am good enough.
  • I acknowledge fear and do not let it hold me back.
  • I embrace struggle and see it as an opportunity to grow.
  • Change is happening every moment of everyday.
  • I may fail and I am not a failure.
  • I embrace new beginnings and do not let my past dictate my present or future.
  • My dreams are real and possible.


Every Latina has the freedom and ability to shape their own lives and to pursue dreams that are personally and professionally fulfilling at any stage of life.  Let’s take the journey together, si tú quieres!