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Webinar: Strategies and Tools for Negotiating Your Best Promotion Yet


We are hitting the road to meet the amazing women and men who follow our blog. Here's a list of places we plan to be this fall. If you want to invite us to speak at your events, please email us at

We're so excited to hear from you!     - Ana & Librada

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Webinar: Strategies and Tools for Negotiating Your Best Promotion Yet

What if you could ask for and get everything you want in your next promotion or negotiation?

Sometimes we shy away from asking for all the things we want out of our next promotion. Negotiations fail when we aim to low and miss the opportunity as a conflict instead of a collaboration. Join us for sixty-minute webinar and discover the common misconceptions about negotiations and how our own limiting beliefs get in the way of success. Learn about new ways and tools to communicate your message effectively, position yourself as a relationship builder and ultimately reach your best promotion yet.

Join Si Tú Quieres Co-Founders Ana Polanco and Librada Estrada for a 60-minute webinar on how to become the best negotiator. Come equipped with questions because we've got answers! 

Register before space runs out:

Presented by the CHCI Alumni Association. Sponsored by State Farm.