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Are You Highlighting Your Worth?

Librada Estrada

Last week Ana presented at the CHCI Alumni Association 2016 Webinar Series. The session was focused on strategies and tools for negotiating your promotion. 

During the one-hour presentation, Ana discussed trends in the current workforce, factors that influence how you negotiate and tips and resources for creating a win-win outcome. She also discussed mindset and how your beliefs about money and your value affect how and what you negotiate. Key to being successful is doing research about the organization and their priorities.

Another important element is preparing to highlight your worth. 

This was my biggest mistake when I first began to negotiate. I was not very good at it when I started. I would focus on the needs of the team or organization. And, I believed that my supervisor would be aware of my contributions. I also thought my actions spoke volumes for me. Boy was I naive and mistaken!

Now, you might think that your supervisor already knows what you do. Or, you think that you shouldn’t have to since you were recently evaluated. It does not matter!

It’s your job to make sure that you help make it easier for this person to say yes to you. It’s not enough to say that you want or deserve a raise, promotion or something else. You must prepare to share the impact of your work on your project, team and organization. Make it difficult for them to say no.

You have to paint a picture about your accomplishments, growth, and future potential to the organization.  

So, how do you prepare to negotiate? There are several resources accessible to you.

  • It starts with looking at your last evaluation and determining what have you accomplished between now and then.  What was some of the feedback that your supervisor, partners or teammates said about you? What examples can you share to support their statements?
  • Second, speak with your colleagues. Ask them what do they see you doing well or consider your strength. How are you contributing to their work or team? How do you make it easy for them to work with you?  What have you done or helped with that only your peers may know about? How do you collaborate with teams outside of your project(s) or deliverables? Do the same with partners. This helps answer what do others say about your work and how you support the organization.
  • Listen to what you are acknowledged for by your supervisor. Don’t just pay attention during the evaluation but throughout the year.
  • Prepare examples. Four elements to include in your story are the situation, what you were asked to do, what you did and the results. It’s not just about the numbers, it’s also about the impact that you have.

Questions that will help you prepare are:

  • What have you accomplished in the last year?
  • How have customers or partners benefited from your work?
  • What mistake(s) have you made and what did you learn from them?
  • What are new partnerships?
  • How is your team/project different based on what you have done?
  • What are new systems or process that you have implemented?
  • What systems or processes have you improved?
  • What are new activities?
  • What strengths do you want to highlight?

What is the story that you want decision makers to hear about your value to the organization? Prepare so that they do.

Your turn:  What’s something that you do or bring to the table that your team/organization hasn’t tapped into yet?

I will be presenting, as part of the CHCI Alumni Association 2016 Webinar Series, on July 26 at 1 pm ET. The webinar title is "Manager vs. Leader: Cultivating Your Individual Power Regardless of Title." To register, click here.

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