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Si Tú Quieres Turns 1: Celebrating Our Infant Milestones

Ana Polanco

Librada and I are celebrating our one year anniversary as business partners and founders of Si Tú Quieres. It’s a really special time. We’ve overcome some hurdles and learned some important things from our time with you. 

While we were reflecting on where we have been, I asked Librada what her children were like at the end of the first year. Ironically being a new business and being an infant have a lot in common.

Here are five lessons we learned about being entrepreneurs, developing our own voice and being true to our values. Here are our 5 Infant-Business Milestones: 


Growing | Communication

Most babies have an incredible exponential growth spurt in the first year. They grow in height, weight and brain development. Each change can be a WOW or AHA moment. The first year you start a business is the same. We deepened our content and the quality with each week. We grew our mailing list and social media following thanks to all of you, our friends and families who help spread the word about our mission to encourage women to step into a transformational space.

Most importantly we grew our company values and way of work. Being friends and being business partners is way different. We work hard to balance both by learning how to communicate with each other about the hard day to day decisions we need to make to grow and evolve. We also push each other to think differently and see other perspectives. Like any relationship, over time our communication became clearer and we are constantly learning how to lift up the best part of each other.  It doesn’t mean that we always agree. It does help us make final decisions and achieve consensus on what matters most. As a result of our authentic communication, our friendship actually grew stronger.  Proving that the personal and the professional have everything to do with each other.       

Motor Skills | Resolution

During the first year of life, infants begin to develop gross motor skills. They learn to smile, wave, hug, crawl, sit alone, and laugh. Some even may take their first steps and say their first words.

The first year of business is like learning to walk. Librada and I are also learning to juggle our own consulting practices, family obligations and personal time. Some weeks are absolutely bananas and other weeks are smooth sailing.

The key for us has been patience. We both have days we’re frustrated with ourselves, with each other and with the business. Our secret sauce for staying afloat is to discuss the problem when the time is right. You can’t rush resolution. Patience is key and both parties have to be willing. One thing we do often is come back to our values. Do our values reflect how we’re treating each other and the business?    

While this is a process and we are learning every day, we stay conscious and keeping working at it.

Sleep | Flexibility

Hopefully one of the blessings you’ll receive by the first year is the baby sleeping more at night. Most children are likely to need an afternoon nap, but at least you can get a solid sleep at night, most days.

Rest is key when running a business or two. Librada and I work intensely but also highly value time off. We put that value to business practice by taking scheduled and spontaneous time off.  We make sure we take quarterly and full vacations. We also revisit our schedules fairly regularly to make sure it’s still working. Every week we check in about whether the upcoming schedule works or needs to be shifted. Sometimes we have to do it at the spur of the moment with other shifting priorities.

Learning to be flexible allows us to replenish and remain versatile to the business and other parts of our lives.

Eating | Events

As an infant becomes a toddler, they begin to transition to and explore different solid foods.

Learning to do other things is key. Our first year was largely dedicated to blogging. We wanted to get to know our audience and see what issues resonated. 

Near the middle of the year we knew it was time to start planning for in person events. We gave ourselves a long shelf life and are now reaching out to organizations to participate in talks, presentations and trainings around the country.  Events are our chance to transfer the knowledge, skills and experiences to you at a deeper level. Those events teach us how to expand our own presence and deepen our commitment to the values we hold dear. To learn more about upcoming events, visit or email us at

Abrazos y Besitos | Hugs & Kisses

One thing babies are really good at is giving hugs and kisses and sending you an affirmative smile. Each blog, each event, every piece of social media, and every email we respond to is our way of sending each of you an affirmative smile. Thank you for sticking with us through the first year and for teaching us that your transformation is also ours.

You’re amazing and we hope to learn from each other in the coming year! 

Ana & Librada

P.S. If you have really enjoyed the first year, please leave us a message via email (, FB or Twitter about what you liked the best and use #STQTurns1.