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Librada Estrada

Avoiding SuccessEver wonder what contributes to success? Or maybe wonder why someone else is receiving accolades or applause and you are not? There are multiple factors. One of them is action. We think we cannot or should not do X (whatever that is) and so we don't. And the person that does take action is the one that ends up getting noticed, receiving the yes, is recommended, etc. They may not be as good as you and they are moving ahead because they are not sitting still.

It's about saying yes to those things that we don’t want to do because it will help us achieve our goals. It’s about getting up even when you don't feel like it, are overwhelmed, and don’t really want to do it or aren’t clear on what to do. It’s about doing things in spite of the fear and believing that you are not enough.

Sometimes you may think you are working really hard and are getting nowhere. You may wonder what else should you be doing. You may not be aware of what is getting in your way.

To shine some light on a few of these things, following is a list Ana and I brainstormed about different ways that we avoid claiming success.


  1. We don’t take action.
  2. We don’t make time for our dreams.
  3. We do not say yes to the opportunities that come our way.
  4. We do not make time for ourselves.
  5. We do not learn from our mistakes.
  6. We reject help or support.
  7. We refuse to receive love.
  8. We refuse to learn something new.
  9. We refuse to accept thanks.
  10. We don’t complete projects.
  11. We don’t make time to rest, relax and reflect.
  12. We avoid speaking our truth because we think the other person isn’t strong enough to hear it and hold it.
  13. We don’t let others celebrate us!
  14. We fail to forgive ourselves.
  15. We refuse to listen.
  16. We ignore important signs and messages.
  17. We don’t take responsibility for our actions.
  18. We consciously take the wrong action.
  19. We procrastinate.
  20. We have no vision.
  21. We do not celebrate small wins.
  22. We do not check out the stories we tell ourselves.
  23. We avoid confrontations.
  24. We avoid letting go of the small things.

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