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#100STQDays in search of Happiness...

Ana Polanco

100STQDays Last week Librada and I were looking at the various happiness books and projects out there. It was interesting to see how many people are writing about the topic and the demand there is for understanding it.

After discussing happiness for a while we realized we wanted to understand what would happen if we focused on it daily. So today we are starting the 100 Happy Days Challenge together. The challenge is to submit a picture everyday for one hundred days of what makes you happy. Participants of the challenge also claim to gain many benefits from being in a better mood  and receiving more compliments to being more optimistic and falling in love. Wow!

We can already report that we have reaped a benefit before even starting.

While we were deciding whether we wanted to do the challenge, we also started overthinking it. We asked ourselves all kinds of questions like “What kind of posts should we have? Should we have a topic within happiness? When should we start? Do we have time? What if we fail?”  All these questions were denying the very experience we actually were hoping to have – to experience one hundred happy days through our own eyes.

I also would like to admit that I had tried to do the challenge before and stopped around day 30. I struggled to make space to take a picture and post it which seems odd in retrospect. Sometimes having support when you take on a new project can be rewarding. So I am glad to be able to do this with a partner to keep me motivated and to admire all the things that make her happy.

Our first lesson to finding happiness is that you should keep it simple. Happiness is anything from your perspective that brings you joy. Do not overthink it.

We have decided to post our #100STQDAYS through Twitter and from time to time we’ll tell you what we are learning about finding happiness on the Si Tú Quieres blog.

You can follow our 100 day happy journey at @Ana4STQ and @Librada_Estrada and if you would like to join us, use hashtag #100STQDAYS so we can also share in your happy moments.

 Your Turn. Tell us one thing that makes you happy.

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