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Gratitude from us, Thanks for being you...

Ana Polanco

picjumbo.com_HNCK3303This year has been an intense one filled with growth and transformation for all of us. The birth of our long held dream – Si Tú Quieres, is stretching us in ways we couldn’t have imagined. We feel blessed to learn from this new adventure and from each of your experiences. We are so inspired by you. One of our favorite parts is hearing from all of you. We loved reading your blog comments, emails and the conversations we had as we crossed paths at events. We heard you loud and clear! Si Tú Quieres is a space that is needed to help us grow, change, share, feel supported and comforted as we take on our own personal transformations.

We all took on changes, big and small. Some of those changes are about who we are and some of those changes are about the collective change we want to see all over the world. On behalf of the Si Tú Quieres Team, we’re so grateful that you’ve become a part of a collective journey of growth and inspiration.

As you transition into the holidays, we want to urge you to rest. Rest gives us a chance to heal our wounds, celebrate our accomplishments, and receive love from the people around us.

We will be getting much needed rest and retooling our efforts in January to keep coming back to you in a more intentional way.

In the meantime remember to…

  • Celebrate everything you have accomplished no matter the size,
  • Take time out to receive love from the people around you, and
  • remember, each day is a new opportunity to step into a courageous space in your life.

Happy Holidays,

Librada & Ana

Si Tú Quieres